Autumn Quarter Seminar Schedule 2017

All seminars are held in BSLC 008 on Friday afternoons unless otherwise noted.

Sept 29th 4:00pm – Grants Basics for Postdocs: Aaron House, Assistant Director, eRA Training & Communication, URA; Nancy Schwartz, PhD, Professor of Pediatrics and BMB, Dean and Director of Postdoc Affairs; and Erin Heckler, PhD, Postdoc Affairs Admin. Learn about funding opportunities and how to use grant databases.

Oct 6th 4:00pm –  Science Outreach Panel Discussion: Monica Metzler, Executive Director of the Illinois Science Council; Barry Aprison, PhD, IGSB Education and Outreach Director; and Shaz Rasul, Executive Director of Student Civic Engagement Initiatives. Discover possible careers in science outreach and explore ways you can get involved in promoting science engagement.

Oct 13th 3:30pm – Resume Writing Workshop for Biotech Careers: Briana Konnick, PhD, Assistant Director, Graduate Career Development, will discuss resume writing strategies for biotech jobs.

Oct 20th 3:30pm – Science Policy Seminar: Jason Funk, PhD, Associate Director, Center for Carbon Removal

Nov 3rd 3:30pm – Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Panel: Find out about MSL careers from panelists Colleen Barrett, PhD, (AbbVie) and Tim Best, PhD (Juno Therapeutics).

Nov 10th 4:00pm  – Pathway to Independence Instructor Panel: An introduction with Martin Feder, PhD, Dean for Academic Affairs, Elise and Jack Lipsey Professor; Panelists: Kohta Ikegami, PhD; Vanessa Leone, PhD; Sean Fanning, PhD. Moderator: Nancy Schwartz, PhD, Dean and Director of Postdoc Affairs.

Nov 17th 4:00 pm – Research at National Labs  Joint event with myCHOICE: Learn about careers in government labs and how they compare to academia. Our four panelists hail from diverse backgrounds in microbiology, material physics, synchrotron radiation, genomics, and mass spec technology, yet they have found that they have a lot in common through their research experiences at government labs. Sarah Owens, Ashley Sidebottom, Ken Kemner, and Matthew Perisin (PhD '16, Microbiology) followed different paths through academia and are eager to share their experiences working in the government research environment. 

Dec 1st Time TBD  – Science Marketing Panel  Joint event with myCHOICE: Benjamin Marcus, PhD, Senior PR Specialist at CG Life. Other panelists TBA.

Dec 8th 3:30pm – Preprints in the Life Sciences. Panelists are Peggy Mason, PhD - Professor, Dept of Neurobiology, Vincent Lynch, PhD - Assistant Professor, Dept of Human Genetics, and John Blischak, PhD - Postdoctoral Scholar, Dept of Human Genetics (Gilad Lab). Genevieve Housman, PhD will introduce preprints and moderate a discussion with the panel on the pros and cons of publishing preprints. This is a quarterly ethics seminar that fulfills the NIH RCR requirement.