PDA Leadership Elections for 2017-18

At the BSD PDA Steering Committee, new leaders were elected in several positions:

  • Parker Woods, PhD was elected Vice President and will also serve as Co-chair for Outreach in the Teaching & Outreach Committee. Parker recently organized lab tours for a local high school.
  • Britney Helling, PhD will join Parker as Co-chair for Outreach in the Teaching & Outreach Committee.
  • Justin Luebke, PhD will formally take on the role of University Affairs Committee Chair. Over the past year, Justin has assisted with analyzing retirement contributions and setting up financial advising appointments / seminars for postdocs. He will continue to make those efforts a priority for the committee.
  • Matt Eckwahl, PhD and Mohana Ray, PhD will serve as Seminar Committee Co-chairs; both organized marquee events for the committee in the past year and will serve as myCHOICE liaisons.
  • Katie Harris, PhD and Colin McFaul, PhD will serve as Welcome Committee Co-chairs. They are committed to continuing new initiatives implemented over the past year.
  • Nick Schmandt, PhD will join Bharat Reddy, PhD as Social Committee Co-chairs. This will improve the organizational capacity of this committee and enable more cooperation with other university groups to build community amongst postdocs in the BSD and with other divisions.
  • Mickey McDonald, PhD will join Cara as Co-chair for Science Policy. Mickey is a postdoc in the PSD Departments of Physics and has been active in the committee since he started last year.

The following PDA leaders will continue in their roles:

  • John Leonard, PhD as President and myCHOICE liaison. 
  • Cara Froyd, PhD as Secretary and Co-chair of Teaching in Teaching & Outreach and Co-chair of Science Policy
  • Sean McConnell, PhD as Chair of the Survey Commmittee. Sean is working with the committee to publish data from last year's National Postdoc Survey.

The following PDA leaders completed their service:

  • Aurelie Desgardin, PhD is stepping down as Chair of the Welcome Committee and Co-chair of the Seminar Committee. Aurelie created a feedback form for the seminar committee in order to evaluate seminar effectiveness. She also continued to make improvements to Welcome Committee processes and improved outreach to new postdocs as well as organized joint Social-Seminar Committee events. Thank you, Aurelie!
  • Yulia Dzhashiashvilli, PhD stepped down from her role as Co-chair of the Seminar Committee where she served for over two years and was instrumental in improving committee organization / scheduling and building partnerships with myCHOICE. Thank you, Yulia!
  • Kristy Hentchel, PhD is stepping down as Vice-President and Co-chair for Outreach in the Teaching & Outreach Committee. As a member of the Science Policy Committee she also spearheaded new efforts including the March for Science sign-making event and increasing the PDA's Twitter presence for science policy news. Kristy was recently selected to serve as an AAAS Science and Technology Policy fellow for 2017-18. Congratulations and thank you, Kristy!
  • Aritro Nath, PhD stepped down as Symposium Committee Chair after organizing the successful 2016 Postdoc Research and Career Development Symposium. Thank you, Aritro!
  • Allison Zajac, PhD, is stepping down as University Affairs Committee Chair. She completed a study on commuter benefits for postdocs through a survey last year. Thank you, Allison!