Postdoctoral Association


The mission of the BSD PDA is to serve the Postdoctoral Fellows, Postdoctoral Scholars, Research Associates and Medical Fellows of the University of Chicago by promoting their continued success in the research community and enhancing the quality of the postdoctoral experience for all participants.

PDA By-laws, updated Aug 2015


  • To provide a collective voice and liaison between postdocs, faculty, and the administration of The University of Chicago.
  • To promote effective postdoctoral training and career counseling of postdocs at The University of Chicago.
  • To be a research center with the aim to collect, develop, and disseminate information useful to postdocs including job announcements, seminar notices, and materials on living resources.
  • To promote research and help develop skills essential for continued excellence in research careers.
  • To foster both social and professional communication and collaboration among its members.


What is the BSD Postdoctoral Association (PDA)?

Representative postdoctoral researchers in the Biological Sciences Division formed an organization in 1999 to address the concerns of this unique group. The PDA is an organization committed to helping the development of researchers who hold a doctorate but are not yet independent researchers.

The PDA has two main roles, (i) to represent the interests of this group directly to the University of Chicago faculty and administration (ii) to provide both social and career development resources for researchers.

Who is a member to the BSD Postdoctoral Association?

Membership in the PDA is open to all non-faculty persons in post-Ph.D. research capacity at The University of Chicago, whether or not they work in the Biological Sciences Division. This category is recognized by the University as either Postdoctoral Fellows, Postdoctoral Scholars, Research Associates, or parenthetical Research Associates (Instructor/etc). Medical Fellows who are engaged primarily in research positions and have completed their M.D. also qualify. These persons are collectively referred to as "postdocs" in this website.

Eligibility for membership begins with the first day of a qualifying individual's research appointment and ends either (a) on the last day or (b) upon reclassification of an individual's institutional status to a type not mentioned above.

How do I get involved in the BSD Postdoctoral Association?

To participate actively with the Postdoctoral Association, or to communicate any ideas, comments or suggestions, please contact the president of the Postdoctoral Association from our Contact Page. Click here for descriptions of our subcommittees.

When does the committee of the BSD Postdoctoral Association meet?

The committee meets each month. Meetings are often held in the BSLC. Please contact any member of the committee if you wish to attend a committee meeting. Any interested party is welcome. Notes from previous committee meetings.