Postdoctoral Association Achievements

History and Achievements

  • Postdoctoral Grievance Policy (inititally developed by the University Policy Committee), established as a BSD policy in 2015
  • Third UChicago Postdoctoral Research and Career Development Symposium, May 15th
  • Postdoc Welcome Committee formed 
  • Social media outreach extends to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Vision Insurance for postdocs was offered for the first time during open enrollment due to efforts by the Policy Committee
  • Second postdoctoral symposium, October 25. This was the first time a city-wide postdoctoral event had taken place.
  • Inaugural postdoctoral symposium, April 8
  • Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs re-organized to include Postdoctoral Administrator position under the leadership of the Dean and Director for Postdoctoral Affairs, Dr. Nancy Schwartz
  • Tenth Anniversary of Surveys on the postdoctoral experience
  • Postdoc blog and Twitter accounts established
  • Postdoc Rights & Benefits documents published; Benefits package adopted for postdoctoral fellows (nearly comparable to scholars)
  • Orientation Pack published and circulated to new postdocs - from November 2006
  • National Postdoctoral Association Annual Meeting - attended by Imogen Hurley, April 21-23. Travel awardee. Poster presented "Second Generation Postdoctoral Association: Challenges and Solutions" 
  • BSD Postdoc Survey 2006 - August 2006
  • BSD PDA Website expanded and redesigned
  • Weekly bulletin - first issued September 2005
  • Weekly Seminar Series - started September 2005
  • Supplemental stipend increased.
  • Supplemental stipend initiated for BSD Postdoctoral Fellows 
  • National Postdoctoral Association co-founded by Orfeu Buxton (U of C PDA President), January 2003
  • The University of Chicago BSD becomes a founding institutional member of the National Postdoctoral Association
  • Adoption of the NIH/NRSA Postdoctoral minimum Stipend as the basis for compensation for all U of C BSD Postdoctoral Trainees
  • Science's NextWave "Postdoc Network National Meeting Implementation 2002: Opportunities for Collaboration" - ad hoc Exploratory Committee member, Orfeu Buxton
  • BSD Postdoctoral Advisory Committee (faculty & postdocs) - Orfeu Buxton (co-chair) and Angelika Longacre, 2002-2003.
  • BSD Research Aims Action Plan Committee - member, Orfeu Buxton, 2002-2003
  • BSD PDA 2000-2001 survey of postdocs in the Biological Sciences Division
  • National Academies of Science, Medicine, and Engineering's Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy (COSEPUP) Convocation on Enhancing the Postdoctoral Experience - Invited Panelist, Stephen Gasior
  • Science's Nextwave "Postdoc Network National Meeting 2001: Sharing Solutions to Postdoc Needs" - Invited Panelist, Stephen Gasior, March 3, 2001
  • Committee to Advise the President on a New Dean (Biological Sciences Division) - Postdoctoral representative, Stephen Gasior, April 2001
  • BSD Postdoctoral Association Website launched
  • BSD Postdoctoral Association founded by Stephen Gasior, Angelika Longacre and Ana Kitazono