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Winter Quarter seminars:


A postdoc is a truly precious time in a researcher’s career. The ultimate goal of a postdoc is to develop additional skills needed for the next phase of one’s chosen career. How does one make the most of their limited time as a postdoc? In this session learn what steps to take during your postdoc and learn about postdoc timeline.


Join fellow BSD postdocs in a social setting to celebrate the new year in our “international” themed social. The BSD Postdoc Office and Postdoc Association encourages you to take a break from lab work and enjoy food, drinks, and games.


The session is part of Ethics/Responsible Conduct of Research Training and is based on the principles of patient and community engaged research. Ethics training is mandatory for postdoctoral trainees supported on NIH T32 training grants and individual NIH NRSAs (F and K fellowships). All postdocs are encouraged to attend.


Effective negotiation skills will help you to both land the job offer you covet and to be successful once you arrive. This workshop will give you a chance to consider what you bring to informal and formal negotiations that may help or hinder you. We’ll discuss negotiation styles, elements of principled negotiations and how to prepare for a successful job negotiation.


Panelists will describe their experiences during the faculty job search process and give practical advice for those currently seeking or interested in research positions at both public and private universities. Please come with your questions about application materials, interviews, seminars, chalk talks, managing offers, negotiations, etc.


Practice your short research pitch to an audience from diverse fields and get feedback or get to know your fellow postdocs and their research










PDA Seminar – Tuesday, June 9

Building Your Career Path in the Pharmaceutical/ Biotechnology Industry as a PhD Please join us tomorrow, Tuesday, June 9 at 3pm on Zoom for a Postdoc Seminar which will discuss how PhDs can identify and pursue professional opportunities in the medical affairs field....

2019-2020 Mentor Training for Postdocs!

Do you want to improve your mentoring relationships? Join the Mentor Training Program for postdocs, now in its 5th year! The first session will be on Monday, October 28th, 11:30 am-1:00 pm in KCBD 3200 (on the 3rd floor where GCIS, BSLC, and KCBD meet). The topic of...