Prospective Postdocs

Prospective Postdocs

In addition to the open positions listed below, we suggest you also review the departments and laboratories at University of Chicago, and directly contact any faculty that you wish to work with.

You can also fill out this survey to indicate your interest and provide contact and background information. You may upload your CV at the end of the survey. 

UChicago Postdoctoral Research Positions

10/13/2017 - Postdoctoral Fellow Position, Cell Biology - Glotzer Lab

09/14/2017 - Computational Genomics Postdoc Position - Yang Li and Oni Basu Labs

08/29/2017 - Postdoc Position - Dept of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Fei Lab

08/18/2017 - Postdoc Position - UChicago Dept of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology, Staley Lab

08/09/2017 - Postdoc Position - UChicago / Argonne, Oni Basu Lab

04/27/2017 - Postdoc Scholar– Bioinformatics/ Integrative Genomics

04/24/2017 - Postdoc Fellow - Clinical pharmacology & Pharmacogenomics Fellowship Training Program