Research Resources for Postdocs

Funding Resources

For the most up-to-date list of various funding and fellowship opportunities, subscribe to the Postdoc Weekly Bulletin.

Funding Databases

Funding Specifically for Postdocs

All grant proposal submissions are handled at the departmental level. Before beginning a proposal, contact your departmental administrator who can assist with the development and submission of your proposals. All proposals submitted through the university must have institutional endorsement.


Ethics / Responsible Conduct of Research

An Ethics/Responsible Conduct of Research series for postdocs was initiated in 2011 and continues with one session per quarter. Ethics training is mandatory for postdoctoral trainees supported on NIH T32 training grants and individual NIH NRSAs (F and K fellowships). Look for these Ethics Seminars as part of our PDA Seminar Series. NIH recommends 8 hours of ethics training at the start of training, and then again every 4 years. The PDA Ethics series is designed to give trainees 9 hours of ethics training over the course of 2 years (4.5 hours/year). In addition to the PDA Seminar series, the Institute for Translational Medicine offers an 8-session summer RCR course each July, covering everything from conflicts of interest to ethical treatment of animals to intellectual property.


Other University Resources

BSD Office of Shared Research

BSD shared research facilities, also known as Core Facilities, are centralized areas of technology and expertise providing a wide variety of services to support the research efforts of the University. Their website has a full list of the facilities and resources available to further your research.

University Research Administration

The URA website contains links to all the institutional oversight offices including animal and human subjects research, biosafety and radiation safety. URA also posts updates to policies from the major funding agencies (NIH, NSF).


Resource Sharing: UChicago is Now Live on Rheaply!

The Office of Shared Research Facilities is excited to announce a new partnership with Chicago-based technology company, Rheaply, in an effort to facilitate sharing and drive better visibility of UChicago’s surplus resources.

Rheaply’s Asset Exchange Manager  (log in here for free with your CNet ID) will allow researchers to use available resources before purchasing them again, facilitating peer-to-peer surplus sharing and more sustainable procurement within the research community. And when surplus assets are no longer needed on campus or elsewhere in the Rheaply network, Rheaply completely manages the resale and external transfer of surplus assets with other downstream partners, bringing a total circular economy of reuse to the University of Chicago.

This technology is now available to all staff, faculty and students across departments, enabling users to request things they need from a growing community on Rheaply, giving unwanted items a new home.