Postdoctoral Association Committee Leaders

Elizabeth Lee, PhD

Elizabeth Lee, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology

2021-2022 PDA President

Paul Maurizio, PhD

Paul Maurizio, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Medicine

2021-2022 PDA Policy Committee Chair
Travel Award Committee Co-Chair

Aarushi Bhargava, PhD

Aarushi Bhargava, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Radiology

2021-2022  PDA Social Committee Co-Chair
PDA Welcome Committee Chair
Symposium Committee Chair

Kaumudi Prabhakara, PhD

Kaumudi Prabhakara, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Ecology and Evolution

2021-2022 PDA Social Committee Co-Chair

Kasturi Chakraborty, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar, Ben May Department for Cancer Research

2021-2022 PDA Seminar Committee Chair
Travel Award Committee Co-Chair

PDA Alumni

Priya Mathur – Principal Medical Writer at AbbVie. PDA Roles: PDA Secretary, University Affairs Chair

Katie Harris – Assistant Professor, Franklin College. PDA Role: Welcome Committee Co-Chair

Mohana Ray – Account Executive, HDMZ. PDA Role: Seminar Committee Co-Chair

Matt Eckwahl –  Associate Program Officer – Science Innovation at the Walder Foundation. PDA Role: Seminar Committee Co-Chair

John Leonard – Scientist at 3T Biosciences. PDA Roles: PDA President, 2018 Symposium Committee Chair, Past PDA Vice-President, myCHOICE Liaison

Justin Luebke – Project Manager at Biofire Diagnostics. PDA Role: University Affairs Chair

Colin McFaul – PDA Role: Welcome Committee Co-Chair

Nicolaus Schmandt – Data Scientist at Tailored Brands. PDA Role: Social Committee Co-Chair

Kasey Van Hedger – Postdoc at University of Western Ontario. PDA Role: Survey Committee Chair

Aurelie Desgardin – Clinical Research Coordinator, University of Chicago Medicine. PDA Roles: Welcome Committee Chair, Seminar Committee Co-Chair

Yulia Dzhashiashvili – Research Professional at University of Chicago. PDA Roles: Co-Chair of Seminar Committee, myCHOICE Liaison

Aritro Nath – Postdoc at University of Minnesota. PDA Role: 2016 Symposium Committee Chair

Kristina Martinez – Assistant Professor at Midwestern University. PDA Roles:  PDA President 2015-2016, Co-chair of Teaching & Outreach Committee.

Kristy Hentchel – AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow. PDA Roles: Vice-President and Co-chair Teaching & Outreach Committee (Outreach) 2016-2017.

Joseph Pierre – Assistant Professor at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center. PDA Role: Survey Committee, National Postdoc Survey; Social Media Committee Chair.

Erica Westerman – Assistant Professor at the University of Arkansas. PDA Role: Survey Committee, Co-team lead on the National Postdoc Survey.

Kyle Dolan – Head of Science and Innovation at British Consulate-General Chicago. PDA Role: Chair of Social Media Committee 2016, Future of Research Chicago 2015 Lead Co-Organizer, Chair Science Policy Committee 2014-2015.

Margaret Pruitt – Postdoctoral Researcher, Worcester Polytech Inst. PDA Role: Co-chair of Teaching and Outreach (Teaching) and Chair of the Welcome Committee 2015-2016.

Elizabeth Litte – Medical Writer in Pharma. PDA Role: Chair Science Policy Committee 2015-2016.

Vanessa Leone –  Pathways to Independence Instructor, UChicago. PDA Role: Executive Officer 2014-15, Chair of the University Affairs Committee.

Daina Ringus – Medical Student at Northwestern. PDA Role: Executive Officer 2014-15.

Irene Gallego Romero – Principal Investigator, University of Melbourne. PDA Role: Chair of the Welcome Committee 2014-2015, University Affairs Committee.

Abby Stayart – myCHOICE Program Manager. PDA Role: Chair Teaching & Outreach Committee, Co-chair University Affairs, Member of Welcome and Symposium Committees.