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Individual Development Plans

The Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a tool for career planning and yearly performance evaluations.  A BSD version of an IDP is a part of your annual reappointment and review! The PDA has developed a hard copy of the IDP, available here.

Science Careers offers an interactive online IDP career assessment tool for postdocs to explore and develop their plan in a variety of career paths.

myIDP allows you to:
  • Examine your skills, interests, and values with online assessements
  • Explore scientific career paths that align with your skills & interests
  • Set strategic goals for the coming year, with optional reminders to keep you on track
  • Find articles and resources to guide you through the process

Planning to pursue an academic career path? Prepare for faculty careers with the UCSF Academic Career Readiness Assessment (ACRA).


Professional Societies

Your scientific or professional society will have information related to career development, job opportunities, and other educational resources. These societies are a great place to start when looking for career information related to your field. Did you know that UChicago is a Sustaining Member of the National Postdoctoral Association? That means that all BSD Postdocs are entitled to a FREE affiliate NPA membership! Click here to join.


Business Cards

Postdocs may now purchase subsidized business cards here, starting at $8 for 100 cards. Whether you’re heading to a conference or out onto the job market, you can use a template designed for UChicago postdocs and have cards shipped direct to you.

Online Career Exploration Tools