Resources and Postdoc Position Listings for Prospective Postdocs

Interested in coming to UChicago for your postdoctoral training?

If you are interested in pursuing a postdoc at UChicago, we suggest you review the departments and laboratories and postdoctoral training grants, and directly contact any faculty that you wish to work with.  Some current postdoctoral opportunities are listed below.  For a continuously updated list of postdoc funding and fellowship opportunities, subscribe to our Weekly Bulletin!  Also check out this resource developed by UChicago Postdoc Nicholas Schade, PhD – “Questions to Ask When Considering Postdoc Positions“.  For those newly hired, check out our New Postdoc Onboarding Checklist and other Resources for Current Postdocs.  The National Postdoctoral Association also has resources for postdocs including tips on applying and interviewing for a postdoc.

Funding opportunities for Postdocs at University of Chicago:
– IRACDA at UChicago: The Institutional Research and Academic Career Development Award (IRACDA) is an opportunity for University of Chicago postdocs to combine a high-quality research experience with a mentored teaching and training experience at two local partner institutions. Participants work with a faculty Research Mentor at  UChicago, where they will develop research-related skills and faculty Teaching Mentors at partner institutions, where they will experience classroom teaching and pedagogical training.  Please see for more information or to apply.
– The Chicago Fellows Program is an internationally competitive postdoctoral fellowship program to support the career advancement of truly exceptional and creative scientists in the biological and biomedical sciences.
T32 Training Grants at UChicago