Courses, Trainings, and Workshops

Mentor Training for Postdocs

This 8-workshop series uses case study discussion and group problem-solving to address mentoring challenges, and focuses on the core mentoring competencies like effective communication, aligning expectations, addressing equity and inclusion, self-efficacy and ethical awareness, articulating mentoring philosophy, fostering independence, and promoting professional development. This program uses a curriculum from the University of Wisconsin Center for the Improvement of Mentored Experiences in Research. It is effective in improving postdoc relationship with both mentors and mentees.

Session topics and their objectives which are covered throughout the training and postdocs who have completed the training can be found here.

Diversity & Inclusion Training Certificate Course for Postdocs

Postdocs are in a unique position where they are navigating a complex relationship of being in and leading in diverse environments and need to show they are capable of being inclusive leaders and mentors (for example – diversity statement in application packet). The 8-workshop series interactive format consists of learning diversity, equity, and inclusion skills through case studies in small and large group discussions. The course covers awareness and knowledge of DEI in research environment, intersectionality, inclusive language and community building, implicit bias, confronting microaggressions, examining privilege, creating safe space, and anti-racism. This program uses a curriculum offered from BSD Office of Diversity & Inclusion.

Session topics and their objectives which are covered throughout the training can be found here.


Leadership and Management in Action Program

The L-MAP, Leadership and Management in Action Program, is a new active-learning training program for graduate students and postdocs in the biosciences to build a leadership, management, and inclusive teamwork skillset. Trainees work in teams on experiential case studies and activities in the L-MAP curriculum, led by a facilitator with expertise in leadership training. The program meets weekly for 6 weeks and is capped with a writing a leadership statement. Trainee participants are selected through an application process.